The "Plans" section allows you to gain intimate knowledge of pension funds, foundations, endowments and other institutional investors, including not only basic contact information, but direct phone numbers, e-mails, consultant details, full mandate history, manager rosters and asset allocation breakouts.


The "Consultants" section allows you to access vital information on investment consultants, including lead consultant contact information, details on their clients, what searches they are planning, in the midst of or recently completed, as well as full details on their investment manager research - a key source for any investment management firm.

Looking for a specific consultant contact? Click on a name and pull up a picture of the consultant (great for conferences or scheduled meetings) and see which plans that consultant specifically works with.


The "Mandate Quick Search" section allows you do run a simple query to identify any mandates that may pique your interest. After you sort by new, potential, ongoing, completed or closed searches, pick a timeframe, geographic and the strategy you are interested in and gain instant access to detailed information on relevant searches from across the institutional landscape.

For a more detailed search, check out the "Advanced Search" function, which allows you to pick multiple fields for research on multiple strategies, plan sponsor types and search statuses, among other options.


The "My Searches" section is designed to give you a unique space to view old queries, save specific searches, view your favorite plans and consultants and check out open RFPs.

This section allows you to view the last 10 queries you have run, and if you find yourself running the same queries over and over again, just utilize our easy-to-use "Save Search" function that allows you to use your valuable time for research and not entering fields. You can even view any updates to that specific query that have been added since the last time you logged in.

Have a plan or consultant that you constantly are checking out, add them as a favorite and you always know where to find them!

Vaguely remember an RFP you read about last week but can't remember when it is due? Our RFP section is sorted by expiration date, ensuring that you never miss a deadline. And the direct RFP link makes it a one-stop destination for finding exactly what you need.